środa, 21 kwietnia 2010


the days pass by and all of the silence I stole
I leave buried
the white paper and ink bear witness,
the days add, add, add
and subtract again
as long as I find it
I get carried away

if fate doesn't let me rest
because it doesn't know me
I'm confused by that mind they tend to harm
Turbulent sex loses me
The sound of sound loses me
the sound of you coming
the sound of me going
the sound of your cadence
the sound of how they are

when the hours become confused to the rhythm
marked by money
I come apart from my soul and just wait
when I wait I am desperate
and travel in entanglement
it's supposed to give me something to talk about

in conclusion, loving you
isn't the same as having you that having you isn't loving you and losing myself is my luck

that I live in the present
and the present is suddenly
fixed by you know what
from life until death

what else is sold if its her body
she gets carried away
what more untruths besides contempt
she gets carried away
what more gifts besides an "I love you" more eternal than silence
more sincere than the act of getting carried away

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